maybe you will ask me,"why you want to find a job outside?isnt it a rest for you after the bloody SPM test?"

well, maybe im not that kind of people that can really rest for a long team.
after come back from the Buddha Camp, i do feel bored.Really boring as whole day dont know to what (in fact i have done something but just dont feel as i achieve something or in other words,i dont feel like isatified with the things that i have done.

That's me lo (劳碌命)

so i deciede to find a job.
Another reason i go for applying a job is because i want to earn money.
actually i have realised something after i go to UCSI that day which is ----study=money
no money eveything is impossible!!!
even i have enough money to go for the course,then how about my future ,i mean everyday i have to spent money,then where is the money come from?i cannot get from my father again ,this is not admirable at all as he already spent so much money on me and still have to pay for my study,how can i get money from him again !!!!

so this mean that i will be working for quite a long team (at least before go for the PLKN)

the most important reason i go for applying a job actually is because to company my friend.
She called me yesterday whether want to work or not....=P im thinking that i can get myself a try and before she calling me i already decided to find a job just the problem no one company with me so .... ...wait until now
but is okay la now is only the starting month so.. .. ..
 eM... so Eventually the result is ,i will be starting to work on today
wish everything is alright and i will try my very best

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