well, i gonna finish this posting quickly.As today already day2 after we coming back form Damai.

8 of December, Saturday
i wake up quite early that day.As i just slept 1 or 2 hours only,i was totally exhausted on that day.In fact,I was wake up by the TV.That morning,some of them went out for breakfast.The ones who left in the room watched TV together.I still remembered the show we watched was Guest*3 about 少女系男孩, very funny lo.
Then, i went out for jogging with one of my friends.We walk along the beach(sound romantic ho,*smiled*)Then,the others came and we play UNO,and also the kite.But very unsuccessful~

9 of December, Sunday
Today my percipience more clear as i have a quite nice sleep the night before.After brushing my teeth,i went ramble with Awai.I asked to bring me to the upper hotel(do not know how to say that place=P)wow~the sky was started to rain==///
but quite fun lo...i do like that place so much!!
After that,i went to have our breakfast.Today so many people.Many people did not have seat and have to wait outside.
Then,blablabla we back our chalet and took photos together before back our school.

HAHA~i skip many parts ...

Hmm nothing to say but hope you guys can remember this trip
may this trip will be one of the unforgettable to you*wink*

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