well,guys and gals what have you do these few days?
i did not online these few days,did you realize it?

This month of 14(which means last Friday)i went to Sibu for a small trip.
i have a great time in Sibu
Before going to Sibu,we had read on newspaper saying that Sibu was flood

but my family and i was quite stubborn so we ignored about the flood news and continued our planning to Sibu^^

luckily the sun was shinning bright that day (感谢老天爷) so the water was evaporated!

feel very high when seeing this view.MAMA,PAPA
i am in Sibu now!!

how beautiful it is^^~

Shan Yang Shopping Mall (isn't shopping mall)
it is really big inside..a lot of shop selling clothes^^~

i really don't know what this place call..but guys..it is beautiful and splendid!!!

earlier in the morning when everyone is started their works..but me^^~enjoy taking with their photos

yummy yummy~ christmas cake
oh my gosh...i want...it is chocalate everywhere
how cute it is@.@

well,enjoy the photos?...hohoho~
really have a nice moment spending my holiday there
wish i can go there again and
if can go with friends it will be another kind of feeling ,right?
so guys....know what to do lah ho*wink*
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