Still remember when we still Form 5,our English teacher asked us to express about love.
just now i tried to clean up all my school stuffs and i found out one paper,it is about Love-introduction(don't remember what the heck about this thing!)
Okay,i did write something on it (quite funny because can't imagine i can write out this thing!)

this is what i was writing ,

(1)L-O-V-E,love.Do you know what is love?Are you now loving on someone?To me,love is simple.I love my dad,I love my mom.i love my friends, I love the one who treat me good.

(2)Love can make someone look beautiful.Love can make someone feel crazy.Love is can actually change the world.

(3)Guys,do not try to make your love so difficult.Love should be express in the right time.

and this is something copied from someone's Friendster background skin(it's great!!)

never say I LOVE YOU if u don't really care
never talk about feelings if they aren't really there
never hold my hand if u gonna break my heart
never say u are going to do something if u don plan to start
never look into my eyes if all u do is lie
never say HI if u really mean GOODBYE
if u really mean FOREVER,then say u will say NEVER SAY FOREVER
cause forever makes me cry
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