OMG sorry yO guys
recently i'm really engaged at work
besides,i still have to go shopping,yamcha,watching TV (金曲奖颁奖典礼
)^^ ,online to do other research blablabla
and of course lazying

so   no update my blog
really komei nei~

yap!!! yesterday was Taiwan's 19th 金曲奖颁奖典礼

as i was suddenly realized that day was 金曲奖颁奖典礼,so i had miss some of the front part

well,last year i watched that have makes me fall in love with SODAGREEN
and this year absoluteness they got the 最佳乐团体奖

 the other side that
for the 最佳台语男演唱人奖
the winner is ... 萧煌奇
i know not many people know this guy
but for who has watched 超級星光大道 suppose to know that Yoga had sung his song,你是我的眼 and got full marks!!!

he is really brilliant though he is blind
and this time he can get the 最佳台语男演唱人奖 i think is an utter,too

the next part, for the 最佳男演唱人奖
eherm ... abit disappointed lo
as i in tie of 方大同 will get this prize
but unfortunately not him but 曹格 get it

alright la,
not bad also
at least winning glory for Malaysia
support also!!!    

to end up this post,i would like to introduce you a song

which he sang last night ...

and now i have totally fall in love in  this song
really nice, everyone here please go support him ^^~

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