my handphone fall on water !
what should i do?
i miss him

i have sent it to the "hospital"
hopes he is alright

i should know this before this thing happen

Remove the battery, front and back cover, as well as your memory card, and phone chip. Let all the parts air dry for 2-3 days. Put everything back together and test it. I had two different phones fall in swimming pools and this worked for me, but a few months after wards they each stopped working. Even though your phone might work after it air dries the internal electronic components might corrode and stop as was my case. If your 1-year-warranty is still valid take it back if it works after the air dry treatment and try to get a one. But one warning if they see the corrosion then they might not exchange it. Although they might be able to repair whatever components are corroded. I hope this works for you. Good luck.

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