come to KL about 4 days,and these few days we keep going out,and everytime we went out, i am sure spending money XD

aduh~ i have already controlled myself well, did not buy those "unnecessaries" things   *wink* (ehermmm    NIKE shoes not counted in =p)


and my mom actually told me buy my new year clothes here,but until now i can't even buy or encounter any one of it,


actually it is okay for me, whether there are new clothes for new year or not,is really not a obligatory thing for me

 maybe i have seen through all of these ... the factual purpose of new year is not just buying clothes or changing a hair style,

what i think for new year from now is i could gather with my family, i could go back my own hometown, this is more inportant than speding money



and one more thing,i said like i myself are person who so high-hearted =p  in fact what makes me think so has another reason--

buying new clothes to me is not just because of new year,but i will buy it anytime i see any which i like it sooo so much


haiyo~  bopian      that's why my purse keep bleeding all the time

the better way to stop me from spending money is---lock me in the house !!!  (don't really do that)

or just simply don't let me bring my money out   =p (that's mean you have to treat me to a meal   *wink*)




okay,stop this topic

lets talk about our schedule yesterday and today,

yesterday we went to MIDVALLEY to have our lunch and shopping also

and my "shopping energy" was eventually burst out !!!

we went PADINI,MNG,TOPSHOP,NIKE outlet,LEVIS,etc and those that i really can't recall their name

and this time i did buy my cloth

i bought it from PADINI AUTHENTIC and it is really not easy for me to get it   TT

1, choosing the cloth have to wait and squeeze

2, trying the shirt have to queue up for about 15 minutes before my turn

3, paying the cloth have to queue up again




how i like PADINI CONCEPT in tHe spring in Kuching

but here ... ... ...


*just shaking head*


but it is no point as we came on the weekend plus what's more it is during the new year corner,

but really have to thanks to sharRing's brother for bringing us go shopping ^^~




and sorry to shaRing actually  because while i was in the PADINI shop, she was actually waiting me outside


  sorry nei~



and today is holiday

HOHOHO and so we went to SUNWAY PYRAMID looo--- the nearest shopping mall from here


this time seriously i want to get some study accesorries

so we went to POPULAR to get all those things

it has spent me RM30+ there      (aiz... the popular stuff still counted wrongly for me,he adds 1 more double tape in my bill but in fact i just get 1 of it                                   )



forget about it!



and today i met Kyo also!!!  

i know him from MSN

actually we know each other is because the matter of room for rent, but that time i have already found my house, so...


he is the one helping me so much also such as helping me ask about the textbooks thing ...blablabla

really thanks lar   HAHA

and he is really funny        especially the way he is talking XD



tommorow he will accompany me back my PJ house lor,gonna leave sharRing house

aiz,i will miss your meals,it is really nice                     


well,hopes everythings fine for tomorrow !!!


and now just waiting sharRing to say the dinner is ready looor


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