according to Chinese culture,we would chase away the Nian by setting off the fireworks on the first day of Chinese New Year


-- -- -- --我是转乾坤分隔线-- -- -- --


Kuchingnites' culture,every year upon the clock strikes 12,everyone who own the fireworks,would keep shooting it until around 1am

no matter they are indubitably burning their money on the air!

and every year,i do enjoy it very much!!!this is one of the important and meaningful part for CNY


and this year,as i have the chance to own a camera,i plan to snap it down!

i tried very hard and fortunately i do snap some of it

(though is under satisfaction =p)

hoping next year i will be going some other nice place for me to shot ...



锵锵!lets enjoy it


P1010442.jpg P1010449.jpg

(in fact i take alots but other is just  ...  kanasai   TT)


and luckily took 1 video clip also  ^^



ps:i do receive lots of SMS or other sorts of greeting from you guys,thanks yar buddies!!!


last but not least,










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