Happy Birthday to Landy !!!


筱惠,生日快乐 !!!








Hopefully everyone knows that 15th of February is my birthday no matter you know or remember it from the Facebook or Friendster or your mobile phone reminders, or maybe you have already kept it in your mind that on this particular day, someone special is born  ^^~

Anyway, I am really feeling happy and satisfied for the things you give to me…Such a memorable and unforgettable birthday I had have this

year…(I don’t care this post would finally turn out as a giving thanks post xD)


First and foremost, I want to thanks for my beloved daddy…before 15th is arrived, he has been the first to send me a birthday wishes (we are actually celebrating the birthday according the lunar calendar and my birthday in this year is fallen on the day before 15th)

This is the most warm and touched birthday wish I have received

(I know my dad is not good in SMSing but for this time, he sent me a message without any grammar mistake) I am proud of my dad!!!

Thanks daddy and mummy, I love you ^^


I don’t think I could list down all the names of my friends who have sent me such a touched and sincere birthday wishes here…


BUT    Sincerely, thanks to everyone out there who has sent me the birthday wishes and those who help me to celebrate my birthday on yesterday and those who gave me the present and those who buy me the cakes…James, 阿泰,阿祥,立德,Li Weng <<<as I know these guys have bought me such a delicious cakes yesterday and today and for today, the cake was giving surprisingly during the Public Speaking class… i DO enjoy them very much ^^

Thanks for  阿祥,立德 for the 红鸡蛋 and 长寿面 ^^     delicious!!!

Thanks for someone who coming from so far just to help me to celebrate my birthday…

Thanks Lay Ching, James, Cavin, Esther for accompanying me for the Benjamin Button’s movie…it is a great movie which recommended by Linus, I do enjoy it very much!

And sorry to Esther too as she has her 5-minutes speech today but still coming out with us…

Thanks to my lovely housemates for waiting me back home just want to celebrate my birthday together with me…I was late home but luckily I was still on time  xD and sorry for missing the futsal show  TT

Thanks to my Kuching’s buddies who has created a cute birthday card to me, (and if you don’t mind I would like to post it here) appreciate it!!!Of course, for all the wishes I have received ^^

(thanks yar!!!you know I like celebrating birthday  LOL)




Hehe…speechless already…

I don’t know what to say, but just a simple but sincere "thank you" to you all ^^   !!!



Ps: Hey GOD, thanks for giving me such a beautiful memory!!!


I love you all, I love my dad and mom, I love my family ,I love my friends, I love myself, and I will going to love my  19th








friends in UTAR: Cavin,Lay Ching,James and i


housemates:阿祥,立德,阿泰 and i




the birthday cake they bought for me


during the Public Speaking class,

surprisingly ...!





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