Hey   my new semester start for 3 days already.

Ya,now i'm Year 1 Trimester 2 student,so called "senior" to the May intake students   *wink*

actually feel very "sien" for my new semester

though i keep saying that this time i must put more effort on my study,my assignmet stuffs

but still feeling no mood to work hard on it... may be just because the new sem. just get started

 well,half year has passed that i lived further from my hometown where is the place i stay right now,PJ

everything is still okay for me

remembered the first time i came here, i am just like the other juniors,innocent and feel curious for the uni. life

don't know everything and don't know everyone of course

that time i can be very talkactive with the new friends i knew

and we always hang out together

really miss that moment

i also tried to explore my surrounding,just like the other juniors,finding food for lunch,dinner around the section 17 area

(yesterday when i took UTAR bus back home,i heard those juniors discussing the mamak or food stores around the area we lived,   aiz   just like the time i came here,don't know everything ... HAHA   really innocent)



and now, i have moved to the new house and live together with my roommates

1 of them is my friend and 2 are the new intake students

i still can adapt the life live together with the others  (lol)

and hope we can live happily for the further months



next year will move to Kampar if luckily i still choose Journalism for my degree

aiz    haven't really think about it

i have so many things leaving here right now

and what i need now is the strength to support me to continue my life here


ya,just hope everything is okay for me

good luck, Landy!   ^-^


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