woaw~  yesterday i went midvalley shopping for my daily necessaries and accidentally found out that midvalley has a new shop launching which is Krispy Kreme,located at LG floor.


i have been introduced to this doughnut and it sound great to me ... i wondered when i can have a tried on it...

who knows yesterday here we met!


when we entered to the shop, the shop give me an impression--the environment of this shop is something like American coffee house,the logo is mainly in green colour which make me think of Starbuck's

i can sensed that Kripy Kreme is well known in western country and it has a good quality in its doughnuts



we had a long queue there,may be is during weekend and the shop is just launching so the shop is really crowded by many people...


so sorry but i really forgot to take a picture on it

but the doughnuts are really delicious!

especially the Chocolate Glazed Cake-woaw,the taste is really nice and it is not too sweet for me


others like Hersley Cookies and Cream also taste nice but is not that special as the first one i have mentioned ...


and another one but i forgot the name already,inside the doughnut is filled with cream which taste like some cookies cream  

emmm...   this one is quite special to me,too




well,Krispy Kreme now have injected into my heart,

beside J Co,next time i have another best choice for doughnuts ...



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