wala~   today's management studies sper duper hard,i almost can't manage to finish my paper on time ... 

lots of the question is not ask directly but need you to think and analyse it...

anyway exam finish,now i can have myself a rest now...

but hor...someone put me airoplane,she said play badminton today after i come back home,who knows she played with her friends and went for dinner somemore... is okay lo since last week i put her airoplane aslo   XD


my life is getting busy right now...many assignments need to rush and almost all need to be submited on week 10 followed by the presentation...

phew~   few weeks ago i still wonder why my life so free and less activities compared with my last sem.

who knows,suddenly "pop!"  all things come together and now i really lack of time...furthermore,recently i felt not enough sleep also

everyday feel sleepy at school

i think i have to manage my time properly again

or might be the problem come from the habit of my bite and sup...as facing constipation recently  XD


walala~   MY LORD!give me the power of enthusiasm!!!


---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----


okay,don't complain anymore

talk about the things happened today

today thye sent me to the school as usual and before he went for his class,i passed my HIkosen Cara's mask to him as he said his lecturer won't allow the students to enter the class if they are not wearing mask

and dear he didn't manage to buy so i let him wear mine

this is the MMS he send me...


how CUTE he is!

my friend even said he is 蒙面超人





and during our revision time,my friends and i felt bored till taking pictures in the study room...






hope i can keep updating my life yar





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