Happy New Year  (i think i have being late to say this  =p)

well, still wish everyone happy new year here ...

thanks for people who calling me,sms me,pm me, or leave comment in my FB, wishing me happy new year!



this 2010, is my new starting

(haha   every year say the same thing)

but this year abit different, 1 of the big changes to me is my age,no more 1X,from now on,  my age is begin with 2x

old lo ...  no more sweet 18, no more flower 19

have to be more matured lo

but i think my 38+sotsot  characters will still remain =p




1 big sad thing, no people give me any new year present TT, (actually never receive also)

so i give myself 1


which is -going to dye hair





i even highlight my hair

the result quite satisfied me  ^___^ 

my friend said have a CNY feel

ermmm   not bad la   xixi..



haha, i think i am changing my hairstyle every year and this is the mark for the new starting


after my SPM ...

微笑 ^0^


this is the very begining hairstyle  emmm.. i think is the first time i did rebonding  (dont know why my eyes now is not as big as that time  >.< )




this is long hair, that time i was working in a miaomiao shop



after coloring


the first time i dyed my hair  emmm   first time i have already challange myself  (lol) as this color is really very bright and sharp







then   CNY 2009 i cut my long hair     xixi ...   i think that is the most pretty hairstyle i have in my life   (phewwit~)





then as my hair grow longer i cut and cut and cut, cut until the coloring part have all been cut

then i turned to be normal as secondary school time again







but now








red hair~   ahahaha~~~


i love my new hairstyle

like going to celebrate CNY soon

but this picture not really showing my hair color

i have highlight the upper part with a little bit orange

this is my second time dying my hair

to welcome this new year


                        new year::  



                               new hope::  




                                                                  new starting::


still awaiting for future  ^-^

good luck to me and everyone


i miss you guys alot alot   @-@


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