i want to blog it out
although this kind of thing to some of you is really too radiculous but
to me...im honestly proud of it
and it can be a pemangkin to me
of course for some of you..

the quote i want to use to suit this entry is

"suceed just prepare for the one who has tried hard"

well, if you have read my blog before(perhaps no =P)
you probably would know that my result is suck!
erm...not really all..but there are few subjects that i really cannot master
or cannot get a reslut that satisfied me
well,though i would be sad..but after few round test..i have accepted this fact
and i just work hard because i dont want to give up and feel regret after this
so what matter my result will be,i just keeptrying hard everytime.
(though sometimes i feel tired too and emosional causing me lazy to study=P)


the trial test is over
Hurray...perhaps i can type it out more earlier

my marks for some of the subjects have increase progressively
these really make feel tremendously touched and happy and satisfied
(of course this is just for me nia...cannot really compared to others=P)
my Physics @.@ finally has get a mark that make me gain a bit confidence on it
here i would like to say thank you to Mr Lee,my tutor..@@
arigato..you are bloody good in teaching
no wonder your students so much^.^

well,of course not forget to thank my Physics teacher,
erm...nothing to say
just thanky you for hurting me...same for those Black Sheep*.*~

and this one
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
whatde///this is the highest i get liao

even at Bhaludin class also never over 70==///

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
damn!!never got so high marks before=P
the highest i get before this is 91/130 at PBK
never thlought that Ms. Chong would give such high marks to me
Pravo..Ms Chong!!
thank you@.@

sucks !!feel satisfied of it@.@
thank you to Bhaludin of course (also my tutor) and those who always write a good essay
make me gain a lots

well,of course
i hope this kind of spirit can preserve till SPM
the important is SPM
i must succeed
so what to do?
work hard again lor
the important is i must maintain the spirit of willing to secceed
this is the only that would make me feel regret at the end

you are stupid? SO WHAT!
you are obtuse?SO WHAT!
the important is,
the MUST ALWAYs tremendously trying hard

i hope my god can help me
YA! cannot forget to thank god
SHE reallt give a lots of support to me
whenever i feel sad..i will calling her
thanks GOD ^^~

and hopes that YOU will continue to help me maintain my spirit

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