this is my 1st time celebrating friend's birthday in PJ

instead of calling AXiang as my friend,more specific is he is actually my housemate



that Thursday, i have been asking out to celebrate AXiang's Birthday at WENDY'S

on that day,around 7pm few of them came to my house "pick" AXiang and me up.

Then we just walked to the place as JAYA ONE is just opposite SS17 which is our living area.



Upon we arrived,there were few of them have reached the place and occupied a sit.



Authentically,i have no idea with WENDY'S

so they helped me to order my set and everything









it is actually a fast food restaurant and damp expensive   XD




At there,we play,we chit-chat,we fool around,we eat,and the photo-taking session is the most enjoyment to me


























 today's   寿星公





we in fact play the theme's photo-taking   XD

theme:  ACT CUTE  






theme: ACT POOR    (i want to vomit already XD)






theme:LOVE SHAPE again   ( i love this more ^^)




:"why copy me  ???!!"   3 line man






theme: YA~ (the only normal 1)




theme:YOYO~  WE ARE M-A-C-H-I   





last but not least,

theme:piggy~  (oughough~ ~)  








do enjoy on that day

thanks for asking me out

and of course



How's the Weather Today?

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