finally we have done our presentation which organised by whole TB gang !!!

it cannot be denied that it was very successful and all of us do enjoy the performance today













after the exhibition, a lot of us had skipped the following class ( and i am the one of them  =p) because really felt extremely exhauted  ... somemore our lecturer and tutorial class have finished and now we are just having our revision =p  so nevermind lo


well, back to our exhibition today,it is really fantastic!we started on preparing this since last two weeks ... we planned to have a big presentation session which combined all the TB gang


our general concept for the exhibition is 4 season

and my group is handling the Autumn session

i am very satisfied with it ... due to our hardwork and cooperation among the group members

besides,we really enjoyed the work though all of us felt tired after the work

somemore,going back home we still need to rush for the 3D artwork and power point,most of us had not enough or even didn't sleep just the day before the exhibition


and last Saturday and Sunday, some of us stay at school almost whole day just to prepare and decorate for the venue


as our exhibition is held at PE009 ( a big lecturer class) so we need to do more work on the background

it is likely to say we spent our weekend just on the background thingy

furthermore,we still faced some obstacles while our work is in process

like my group,our "background" dropped just after the day we finished the painting job

when i received the call, i was like "OH MY GOD"

actually i planned to go PC Fair on that day but since such bad thing happened like this i have no choice but to cancel my schedule

and i still need to rush for the power point  i spent most of my time in front of the computer

seriously i really enjoy doing the slide just the time is too rush for me so i really felt stress


but i still satisfied with the final job  ^^

keep on trying my best!




today i do snapped a lot of pictures, really enjoyed it

the venue is really beautiful    but so sad you cannot come along ... (这是我其中一个遗憾)

but when he saw the pictures i take i can see that he also felt proud of us/me  =p

HAHA! (不枉费我花了那么多精力了)



well,finished our art exhibition,

now just waiting the semester break to come


HAHA!at least i still have 1 more week to rest before the nightmare to come... TT

okay lo,keep on fighting yar!!!


summer time~

















my teammates and i




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