well, my degree course start 3 days already... (should be say 4 days but wed we dint have class as 1st week of the school commencement we dint have Tutorial class )


so far so good to me .. just my course is too little people taking, just only 4 of us .. 

this is really not in my expectation, as i never been in a small class as this neither in tuition class


but today we go meet Cynthia, one of the staff who handle our course, tell us that Utar would never shut down this course even only 1 student

so ..  eherm ...


to me, study Corporate Com is no regret to me (until now) so change course is my last step .. but i think i not yet reach the final step yet

so may remain in the course as i dont think there have any other course or school is suit for me

i dont wanna change course because of friends only also

quote what Ms Cynthia said, "dont depends on friend in choosing course, but from the course itself"

well, i quite agree with her so i may still stick in this course

somemore there are 1 more student joining us

the class is start to get fun i think though somemone is planning whether wanna change course or not ..

i believe there will be more and more people joining us

as i believe there is still someone waiting for transfer or whatever la,

cos i think the course structure itself is pretty good so i have the confident some others will like it too

somemore, no need to go Kampar

Utar fees so cheap, why not?

until now i think all the lecturer we have met is pretty professional also

so why not?

just i dont wanna be the only one who taking this course la

so in the end , who knows what will gonna be happen

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today's lecturer- Japanese Language

what i hope to learn for long time, finally i have the chance in my U

its Hard man!

not easy lo

somemore we have assignment for it  ~

next week gonna use Japanese Lan. to introduce ourselves

gonna prepare for it lo


like to listen the lecturer story about the life he experienced in Japan

hope i have the chance been there too   ^-^

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aiya~   have to practise more in writing for English

as my course is related to English Writing    gamabate ya!

hope that next time i can able post in Japanese Lan. ya   ><~


cheers !

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